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Kelly Sloan – Another Halifax-influenced Female Folk Firestarter

I didn’t go looking for it.  I didn’t even know it was there.  Sometimes, things just happen, and happen it did.  The subject of discussion, my fate’s destination for the evening, was  This inviting port is one of those welcome stops you happen upon during a venture through the dotcom ocean of deadwood. In the era of electronic disconnection, this artist has the ability to make her personality pop off the page through her words.  This made me stay long enough to listen to the music.

 The first song I randomly chose to listen to is called “Sometimes”, off the self-titled 2010 release.  I really appreciate the authority in the voice, and I like the raw sound of the recording.  I can imagine that this is exactly what it would sound like live.  I followed this with “Hard Times”, a slower paced, yet no less emphatic vocal statement.  Again, utilizing the raw, edgy, unpolished quality of the instrumentation.  I decided to turn my attention to the 2008 offering Always Changes, to see if there might be some truth to that. I started this one at the start as the artist probably intended, with “Hurricane”.  This track actually sounds cleaner than the more recent record, but it contains the same feeling.  I was again impressed with the noticeable, demanding presence of the vocals, even though they are quiet in relation to the lead guitar.   It reminds me very much of how the unassuming Jeff Tweedy of Wilco commands control of the song without effort.  After experiencing the imagery brought upon by the lyrics of “Sophia”, I was sold.  

I was pleased to read that the 2010 album Kelly Sloan was co-produced by herself along with Brian and Dale Murray, formerly of The Guthries, where Matt Mays got his start.    Do yourself a favor and pay a visit.               

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